Hello world!

December 7, 2023
1 min read
I am well aware that "Hello world" is the least creative title of the first post on a blog of someone who works as a software engineer. I know that, and yet I wasn't able to resist.

So here I am, saying “Hello”. My name is Mateusz. I’m from Poland but I moved to London in early 2020 (yes, that beautiful year when working from home went so viral). I’ve been getting paid for writing code since 2013, initially, it was a part-time job, but I started working full-time in 2015. I’ve tried a few different technologies and languages but I like Python the most and this is my main language at the moment.

Why am I saying all of that? Just so you know who’s talking to you. I want to write posts here regularly(ish). About coding, about some deployment stuff, about my small homelab (a few computers running a Kubernetes cluster) and what I do with it. Sometimes I’ll probably also write about something completely different. My only hope is that someone can find something useful here once in a while. And if not – well, I’ll live with that.

Okay, enough. I’ll put something more useful here shortly. Have a nice one!